GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit

What you should know about “GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit”

ge-51107-smart-wireless-alarmThe GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit easy to install and does not require any wiring. The 120-decibel alarm sounds when a window or door that the GE 51107 is attached to is opened. The door alarm uses a 4-digit keypad to set the security code for arming/disarming and an alarm delay feature that avoids false triggering.

How The Alarm Is Triggered

The door alarm is triggered when the alarm is active and the door opens. This breaks the circuit between the magnet that is attached to the door frame, and the control unit which is screwed to the door, aligned with the magnet.

Audio Resource: Listen To The Alarm!

You can now listen to the alarm! Listen to me switching it on and off – ge 51107 window alarm.

Unit Features

Some of the features of the control unit includes a home and away switch, the alarm switch, a keypad, and indicator light. This unit comes with a mounting plate, two screws and double sided-tape for attaching it to the door. An of course there is the magnet that you fix to the door frame so the circuit can be created.

AAA-Alkaline-BatteryReplacing Batteries

The keypad requires 3 AAA batteries for it to work, you’ll have to buy them separate, while you’re at it get extra batteries and store them for when the current ones need to be replaced. To put the batteries into the unit simply remove it from the wall by sliding it upwards and off the mounting plate. The batteries go into the back of the unit, and you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the cover in place. It’s a bit of an annoyance having to use a screwdriver just to replace batteries but that’s life I guess!

To remove the battery compartment door just slide it downwards and it should come off easily. Now pop in your batteries making sure your ‘+’, and ‘-‘ are in right position and then replace the door and screw, and slip the unit back into place on the mounting plate. Job done!

screwdriverInstallation Alarm Requirements Checklist:

#Three window alarms are included, with each window alarm requiring four LR44 batteries (included).
# The alarm system also requires three AAA batteries (not included).
# Double sided tape (included)
# Screwdriver

Main Drawbacks of The GE 51107

There are a couple of drawbacks to this unit and similar wireless alarms. They are:

  • A window alarm can easily be silenced by just switching if off. A burglar who triggers the alarm could quickly find the off switch on the alarm and turn if off.
  • Batteries need to be checked on regularly. If a battery is runs flat the window alarm is useless. If batteries in the main keypad unit are flat, the unit is useless.

Main Benefits Of The GE 51107

  • The equipment is inexpensive, less than $20!
  • Because the system is wireless, it is easy to install, so you don’t have to fork out lots of money to workmen who will drill holes and run wires all around your home for a wired alternative. This is a significant saving and highly convenient.
  • If there is a blackout your alarms will still be operational because they are battery operated. A wired system would fail in this circumstance.
  • The alarm sirens are loud enough to wake the dead! This really counters the negative point mentioned above of a fast moving burglar finding the switch and deactivating the alarm, because even if the siren is on for only a few seconds it’ll wake pretty much everyone in earshot, including neighbors…
  • While batteries do need to be replaced, they last a long time, between 6 months to a year. This is because of the low battery circuit of the units. It would cost more to run electrics to a wired system 24 hours a day for a year, than it will to replace the batteries.

Here are the GE 51107 product Technical Details:

  • 120-Decibel alarm sounds when window or door is opened
  • Easy to install with no wiring necessary
  • Door alarm uses 4-digit keypad to set security code for arming/disarming
  • Alarm delay feature avoids false triggering
  • Three window alarms included

Take a look at the product picture:

GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit

What People Think Of This Security Product

“Extremely simple, effective, and VERY loud alarm system”

“…The main door unit is extremely easy to set up. You unscrew the back and install 3 AAA batteries and program a 4 digit code. You can also set the device to serve as a simple door chime, instead of an alarm if you desire. You mount the door device and its accompanying magnetic sensor to the door frame and to the door. The kit includes double-sided tape and the sensors have openings for you to use a woodscrew. I just chose to use some double-sided Velcro tape but obviously, it would be better to screw the sensors in directly.

Once you activate the alarm, you have 45 seconds to leave your apt/home. When you want to enter your armed home, you open your door, and then are given 30 seconds to punch in your alarm before it is triggered. This alarm is very loud, and I believe will at least startle most unsuspecting burglars and also potentially wake up your neighbors.”

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Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

Product Features Of The Popular Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit:

  • Rolling Code Technology – Leading edge technology, provides maximum security and reduces false alarm
  • This system is good for most small to medium size house (i.e. approx. up to 3000 ft2). For larger house, more accessories should be added in order to cover all the premises
  • Works in conjunction with up to 30 Skylink security accessories (including Dial Alert).
  • Includes a piercing 110 dB siren
  • Up to 100-foot range

Take a look at the product picture below:

Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

What People Think Of This Security Product

“Great Product For The Price”

“After my house was broken into I wanted to get an alarm but didn’t want to pay any companies or commit to any monitoring contracts. This fit the bill perfectly. It works great once you plan around some caveats.”

“Great Value!”

“I have had “professional” alarm systems in the past and they were quite unreliable. The door or glass break units would continuously fail and of course I was paying $20/month to monitor.I was sick of false alarms and my neighbors were too. It got to the point where I just never used it…

…Next day I installed the system. The instructions are great, easy to install and it worked first time. The hardest part was lining up the magnets on the door, which took some time due to an old door frame.

I loved this product do much I decided to add more components. This is a great feature that allows you to custom design your security system to meet your requirements.”

Product Page – Skylink SC-100 Security System Deluxe Kit

Home Security System Kits

What you should know about Home Security System Kits

Home Security System Kits are security products designed for the purpose of helping you to safe-guard your home and your loved ones against intruders. If you are really not very sure about buying this home security system kits and equipment for your home, then here are five really good reasons why you should buy it right now…

  1. Home Security System Kits help you to deter intruders from your family home or business.
  2. You will sleep better in the Knowledge that you have taking all the measures possible to ensure your house is security against intruders.
  3. Security Kits can be used to capture ‘undesirable’ activity in the vicinity of your home so you know what’s been happening while you were out.
  4. Home and workplace security cameras can be positioned to record workers at your premises and can be effectively used as a deterrent to stealing.
  5. Many Home Security System Kits can be easily installed and you can make them as descrete or as visible as you need them to be.

So why take the chance with you families welfare when home security system kits

  • are affordable
  • many can be installed by home owners themselves
  • are easy to opporate
  • and provide you and your family with ‘peace of mind’

Check out the rest of this site for product reviews, and more information on securing your home against intruders.

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